Our Team

Alastair Linke

Chief Executive Officer

Qualifications: Project Manager, Bachelor of Engineering – Surveying (Honours)
Relevant Experience: At GeoAI, Alastair Linke oversees company operations, managing large-scale survey projects, implementing ISO certification, and achieving registration with multiple service provider panels.

James Linke

Chief Technology Officer & Chief Financial Officer

At GeoAI, James Linke, as CFO, CTO, and Project Manager, oversees the company’s financial operations, leads technological advancements and integration, and manages key projects. He strategically aligns financial planning with technological innovation and project execution, ensuring efficient resource allocation, technological adaptiveness, and successful project outcomes.

GeoAI team Research and Development Manager: Associate Professor Johnson Shen

A/Prof. Johnson Shen

Research and Development Manager

Qualifications: PhD in Construction Engineering and Management, MSc in Precision Instruments and Mechanology
Relevant Experience: Leading research projects in autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, and digital twins, with a focus on their applications in civil infrastructure and the built environment.

Dr. Mitko Aleksandrov

Principal – GIS & CNN Modeling

Qualifications: PhD in Construction Engineering and Management
Relevant Experience: Contributing to projects involving GIS, computer vision, and machine learning for infrastructure inspections and analysis.

GeoAI team Senior Software Developer:  Zihao (Jadyn) Wang

Zihao (Jadyn) Wang

Senior Software Developer

Qualifications: Master of Computing, Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Honours)
Relevant Experience: Strong background in software engineering, machine learning, and computer vision, with expertise in crack detection and infrastructure integrity monitoring.

Youheng Andy Guo. Senior algorithm Developer at GeoAI

Youheng (Andy) Guo

Senior Algorithm Developer

PhD Candidate in Engineering Construction Management, MSc in Civil Engineering
Relevant Experience: Working on projects involving infrastructure inspection, machine learning for crack detection, crack quantification, and 3D reconstruction.

Ziang (Blake) Jiang

Algorithm Developer

PhD candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering
Relevant Experience: Monitoring infrastructure construction progress, change detection, and applying laser scanning and BIM techniques.

GeoAI team algorithm developer: Kartika Putri

Kartika Putri

Algorithm Developer

PhD Candidate in Engineering Construction Management, Master in Construction Management
Relevant Experience: Working on projects related to 2D/3D GIS, digital twin, machine learning, and point clouds.

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