Artificial Intelligence

GeoAI is at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions across a diverse range of applications, not limited to Plant Monitoring but also encompassing Asset Management, Digital Twins, […]

Asset Management

The future of asset management lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), advanced data acquisition techniques, and digital twins. By leveraging AI algorithms trained on LiDAR-derived point clouds and […]

Construction Site Monitoring

Monitor Your Site with Precision! Our easy-to-use solution combines mobile laser scanning, aerial images, and aerial scanning. Get a clear and real-time view of your construction project, making construction site […]

Digital Twin

Transform your Asset into Digital Twin Model Transform your assets into immersive digital twin models by harnessing a range of cutting-edge technologies including aerial imagery, laser scanning, and advanced data […]

Knowledge Graph

Employing Knowledge Graph can empower Intelligent Decision Making within Construction Safety and Infrastructure Asset Management, leading to enhanced efficiency and safety. What is Knowledge Graph? Knowledge graph is a structured […]

Vegetation Monitoring

Leveraging AI algorithms, we provide comprehensive vegetation monitoring solutions such as accurate tree canopy cover assessments, precise biomass estimation, and deforestation rate calculations. Our platform excels in monitoring forest health, […]

Virtual Reality

No matter where you are, step into the heart of your construction site virtually. Our immersive technology provides real-time, 360-degree views, allowing you to monitor progress, assess on-site conditions, and […]

Featured project:

Ultra-Realistic 3D Digital Twin Model Generation

GeoAI presents an Advanced technology to revolutionize the creation of 3D digital twin models, offering unprecedented detail and immersive experiences. By employing a sophisticated fusion of the Multi-SLAM (Simultaneous Localization […]