Time Lapse Technology in Construction

What is Construction Time Lapse Video?

Construction time-lapse videos is a method to capture and document project from the start to finish. It provides documentation of key milestone of a construction project from from groundbreaking to completion that is normally too long to be followed in real-time. Thanks to this technology, we can witness the evolution of a project in an accelerated short time video. Basically, it is an actual condition from the site project, but in a faster speed.

How to Capture Time Lapse Video?

Although people will see time-lapse as a video, we actually captures a sequence of raw images. The number of images captured per second will be based on our own configuration. Capturing this video requires careful planning and the right equipment. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started:


Determine the duration of the project and the intervals at which images will be captured. Configure the camera to capture images at regular intervals, typically ranging from minutes to hours, depending on the duration of the project and the desired speed of the video.

Most time-lapse videos usually projected to be taken at a speed of 30 Frame per Second (FPS). For example, if we are taking a 20-second videos in 30 FPS, it means we will take 600 images. Do not forget to also consider factors such as weather conditions, lighting, and project milestones when preparing this video.

Example of Time Lapse Viewer - GeoAI
Example of Time Lapse Viewer – GeoAI


To choose the equipment for construction time-lapse video, there are some consideration that we need to take. First of all, invest in a high-quality camera capable of capturing high-resolution images to ensure clarity and detail in the final video. Construction sites can be a harsh environment. Having a camera that is rugged and weather proof is good to ensure the durability of the equipment. In addition, we also need to ensure the battery life of our camera because it will operate continuously for a long duration. Currently, alternative power sources such as solar panels becomes a popular option.

Solar panel time-lapse camera
Solar panel time-lapse camera (https://photosentinel.com/solar-time-lapse-camera/)


Select strategic vantage points around the construction site to capture different perspectives and angles. Ensure that the camera is securely mounted and protected from environmental factors. Usually, it require to put the camera in a high place to get a the most advantageous position. Therefore, we need to ensure a stable fixing to hold the camera securely in its position.


Regularly monitor the camera and adjust settings as needed to ensure optimal image quality and consistency throughout the project. Having a cameras that has a remote monitoring control capabilities will allows us to adjust the settings and view real-time footage from everywhere.

Benefit of Time Lapse Video in Construction

Thousands of images captured in a time-lapse photography before it is organized into a sequence video. The time-lapse video provides some advantages for construction industry as follows:

Documentation of Project

Time lapse video serve as a comprehensive visual record of the construction process in project documentation. We can understand the process, key milestone, and events that happen along the project duration. Time-lapse camera can also becomes a footage that we can visit when there is a dispute or compliance with regulatory requirements.

Better Project Management

By providing stakeholders with a clear and concise overview of project progress, time-lapse video facilitates effective project management. It allows contractors, engineers, architecture, and owner to effectively communicate the progress of a project easily. Since all the images have time information, it can be good for all stakeholders to remain in the loop of the project timeline.

Through the analysis of time-lapse video and camera surveillance on construction sites, we can generate productivity data for specific activities. By recording the pace of our workers, we can accurately predict the completion time for each task. Consequently, this enables better scheduling and resource allocation based on real-time conditions.

While the videos are typically captured across entire sites, there’s also the option to zoom in on specific activities to capture detailed information. This specific data proves valuable when comparing different construction methods or equipment in our site project.

Warehouse and Security

Time Lapse Video can be utilized for warehouse inventory management, monitoring stock levels and deterring theft or unauthorized access. It is also beneficial to support security surveillance. Since all the images have a time-stamp, it is easy for us to detect unusual activity happen in our project based on its timing.

Marketing and Project Showcase

A time-lapse video can effectively tell a complete story of a construction project in a short time. It serves as a powerful marketing tool to emphasizing significant milestones to potential clients, investors, and stakeholders. The compilation of events from different project is readily accessible and shareable across various platforms. Finally, it provides a visually engaging way for contractors and developers to showcase their services and capability.

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