Photogrammetry and LiDAR for Forest Industry

Photogrammetry and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) offers some range of application in forest industry including identification of the forests structure, tree diameter measurement, biomass calculation, basal area calculation, and […]

LiDAR for Vegetation Analysis

Laser Scanning for a Greener Future Aerial LiDAR can be a high-tech botanist’s assistant. By using laser scanning method, it utilizes lasers mounted on airplanes or drones to create incredibly […]

Vegetation Analysis: Methods and Applications

What is Vegetation Analysis? Vegetation analysis is a comprehensive method to to assessing the physical characteristics, composition, and distribution of plant species and communities in a specific area. Vegetation analysis […]

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Spatial Digital Twin New South Wales

What is Spatial Digital Twin? Spatial digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical environment such as city, region, or infrastructure system that integrates various spatial data with other […]

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